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Trabajos de Geología Nº 29

Nombre de la Revista: Trabajos de Geología
Número de Sumario: 29
Fecha de Publicación: 2009
Páginas: 444

Trabajos de Geología                              ISSN: 0474-9588

Ediuno (Ediciones de la Universidad de Oviedo)

Nº 29 - 2009                                                     PAGINA EN CONSTRUCCION

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International Meeting of Young Researchers in Structural Geology and Tectonics (1 de 2)


M. GUTIÉRREZ-MEDINA, J. POBLET, D. PEDREIRA and C. LÓPEZ-FERNÁNDEZ: International Meeting of Young Researchers in Structural Geology and Tectonics (YORSGET-08): Introduction . (11 a 13)

R. W. H. BUTLER: Submarine thrust belts: combining marine seismic and field analogues to study the localization of contractional deformation in sedimentary successions . (14 a 16)

J. F. DEWEY, M. A. MANGE and P. D. RYAN: Arc-continent collision: orogeny and continental growth . (17)

R. J. LISLE: Geological folds in three dimensions . (18 a 22)

J. MALAVIEILLE: Impact of surface processes on the dynamics of orogenic wedges: analogue models and case studies . (23 a 28)

N. S. MANCKTELOW: Fracture and flow in natural rock deformation . (29 a 35)

A. PÉREZ-ESTAÚN, J. ESCUDER-VIRUETE and D. BROWN: Orogenic processes in transpressional regimes . (36 a 41)

J. G. RAMSAY: Structural Geology: where have we come from and where might we be going next? . (42 a 44)

A. M. C. SENGOR: Tectonic evolution of the Mediterranean: a dame with four husbands . (45 a 50)

J. SUPPE, M-H. HUANG and S. CARENA: Mechanics of thrust belts and the weak-fault/strong-crust problem . (51 a 55)

C. E. MACELLARI: Exploration success in the Subandean Trend of South America . (56 a 57)

S. NARUK, F. DULA and M. MORA-GLUKSTAD: Future of structural geology research. An Oil Industry perspective . (58 a 59)

D. AERDEN, S. ALDAHER, M. BOUYBAOUENE and M. SAYAB: Microstructural map of a thin-section scale fold pair; implications for folding mechanism in a fine-grained garnet . (60 a 63)

D. AERDEN and M. SAYAB: Comparing porphyroblasts and plate motions in the Betic Cordillera . (64 a 67)

M. AFLAKI and M. MOHAJJEL: Structural evolution of the Laibid pop-up structure Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone, West Iran . (68 a 73)

G. I. ALSOP: Unravelling patterns of folding in high-strain zonesi . (74 a 77)

A. AMILIBIA: Compressional deformation along the Chanarcillo basin west margin: North Chilean Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous back-arc basin . (78 a 83)

F. ANAHNAH, J. GALINDO-ZALDÍVAR, O. AZZOUZ, P. RUANO, A. CHALOUAN, A. PEDRERA, A. RUIZ-CONSTAN and N. BOUREGBA: The Nador dipole: one of the main magnetic anomalies of the NE Rif . (84 a 89)

B. ANTOLÍN, E. APPEL, C. MONTOMOLI, I. DUNKL, L. DING and R. GLOAGUEN: Magnetic fabric study in the Triassic slates of the Tethyan Himalaya (SE Tibet) . (90 a 93)

J. BABAULT, J. VAN DEN DRIESSCHE and A. TEIXELL: Tectonics from topography: two examples from the Pyrenees and the High Atlas . (94 a 100)

J. BAUSA, S. TAVANI, F. STORTI and J. A. MUÑOZ: Longitudinal fracture generation in the Fiastrone anticline, Sibillini thrust sheet, Northern Apennines (Italy) . (101 a 105)

F. BECHIS and L. GIAMBIAGI: Kinematic analysis of small-scale faults and its application to the study of an extensional depocentre, Neuquen basin, west-central Argentina . (106 a 111)

A. BEIDINGER, K. DECKER and K. H. ROCH: Combined geophysical, geomorphological and geological studies at the active Lassee Segment of the Vienna Basin Fault System . (112 a 118)

S. BIGI, C. GALUPPO, L. PERFETTI, S. COLELLA and M. CIVALLERI: Along-strike pre-orogenic thickness variation and onlapping geometries control on thrust wedge evolution: insights from sandbox analogue modelling . (119 a 128)

S. BURCHARDT, D. C. TANNER and M. KRUMBHOLZ: Emplacement of the Slaufrudalur Pluton, southeast Iceland, deduced from field observations and its three-dimensional shape . (129 a 130)

S. BURCHARDT and T. R. WALTER: Sequential formation and propagation of caldera ring-faults analysed in analogue experiments . (131 a 132)

S. Y. CAO, J. L. LIU and B. LEISS: Deformation microstructures and textures, and regional tectonic significance of high-temperature shearing of the Diancang Shan Complex, Yunnan, China . (133 a 141)

N. CARRERA and J. A. MUÑOZ: Structure and thrusting evolution of the southern Cordillera Oriental (N Argentine Andes) . (142 a 145)

E. CASCIELLO, J. VERGÉS, D. W. HUNT and E. BLANC: Fold distribution and multilayer properties, a case study from the Lurestan province of Iran . (146 a 150)

G. CASINI and P. D. RYAN: Structural analysis of the Louisburgh-Clare island succession, Co. Mayo, Ireland . (151 a 156)

L. CASINI, P. SENSERINI and G. OGGIANO: Evidence for water-assisted diffusion creep in the mylonitic gneisses of Giuncana, northern Sardinia, Italy . (157 a 163)

J.CERNY, R. MELICHAR, M. KNIZEK and J. JANECKA: Touching the detachment (Ockov Fault, Barrandian, Czech Republic) . (164 a 167)

A. CICEK and A. KOCYICIT: A NNE-trending active graben in the Isparta Angle, SW Turkey: Karam.k Graben, its geometry, age and earthquake potential . (168 a 174)

P. CLARIANA, J. GARCÍA-SANSEGUNDO and J. GAVALDA: The structure in the Bagneres de Luchon and Andorra cross sections (Axial Zone of the central Pyrenees) . (175 a 181)

C. D. CONNORS, B. RADOVICH, A. DANFORTH and S. VENKATRAMAN: The structure of the Offshore Niger Delta . (182 a 188)

N. CUBAS, B. MAILLOT, Y. M. LEROY, C. BARNES and M. PUBELLIER: Prediction of thrusting sequence based on maximum rock strength and sandbox validation . (189 a 195)

M. DABROWSKI and D. W. SCHMID: Mechanical anisotropy of a two-phase composite consisting of aligned elliptical inclusions . (196 a 199)

D. D´AMATO, B. PACE, J. CABRAL and P. M. FIGUEIREDO: The Vale de Santarem Neogene trough in the seismotectonics framework of the Lower Tagus Valley (Portugal) . (200 a 205)

Z. DAVOODI and A. YASSAGHI: Syn- to post-collision role of Izeh transverse fault zone in deformation of the Zagros fold-thrust belt . (206 a 212)

J. DE VERA, J. GINES, M. OEHLERS, K. MCCLAY and J. DOSKI: Structure of the Zagros fold and thrust belt in the Kurdistan Region, northern Iraq . (213 a 217)

J. DE VERA and K. MCCLAY: Structure of the western Brooks Range fold and thrust belt, Arctic Alaska . (218 a 222)

L. DI FRANCESCO, S. FABBI, M. SANTANTONIO, J. POBLET and S. BIGI: Forward modelling of the Montagna dei Fiori fault-related fold (Central Apennines, Italy), using combined kinematic models . (223 a 233)

R. DÍEZ FERNÁNDEZ and J. R. MARTÍNEZ CATALÁN: Variscan recumbent folding of Ordovician plutons in the Malpica-Tui Unit (NW Iberia) . (234 a 236)

J. C. DUARTE, V. VALADARES, P. TERRINHA, F. ROSAS, N. ZITELLINI and E. GRACIA: Anatomy and tectonic significance of WNW-ESE and NE-SW lineaments at a transpressive plate boundary (Nubia-Iberia) . (237 a 241)

U. EXNER, E. DRAGANITS and B. GRASEMANN: Folding in Miocene, unconsolidated clastic sediments (Vienna basin, Austria) . gravitational versus tectonic forces . (242 a 245)

F. J. FERNÁNDEZ, F. DÍAZ-GARCÍA and J. MARQUÍNEZ: Quartz fabrics pattern along the Forcarei synform (NW Iberian Massif ) and their tentative tectonic model . (246 a 253)

J. FERNÁNDEZ-LOZANO, D. SOKOUTIS, E. WILLINGSHOFER, G. DE VICENTE and S. CLOETINGH: Lithospheric-scale folding in Iberia from the perspective of analogue modelling . (254 a 259)

G. FERNÁNDEZ-VIEJO, J. GALLASTEGUI and J. A. PULGAR: Structure and tectonic evolution of the eastern Cantabrian margin: results from the MARCONI multichannel seismic data . (260 a 265)

O. FERRER, E. ROCA, B. BENJUMEA and J. A. MUÑOZ: The role of the extensional Mesozoic structure during the Pyrenean contractional deformation at the western Parentis basin: constraints from the MARCONI-3 deep seismic reflection profile . (266 a 270)

O. FERRER, E. ROCA, M. P. A. JACKSON and J. A. MUÑOZ: Effects of Pyrenean contraction on salt structures of the offshore Parentis Basin (Bay of Biscay) . (271 a 275)

U. FRACASSI, G. MILANO, R. DI GIOVAMBATTISTA and G. VENTURA: Imaging the polarity switch between large seismogenic normal faults in the southern Apennines (Italy) . (276 a 280)

E. FRANKOWICZ, K. MCCLAY and K. PIETSCH: Synthetic seismic modelling - an application to interpretation of structurally complex areas . (281 a 287)

N. FRIESE, A. VOLLBRECHT, B. LEISS and O. JACKE: Multi-stage development of Cambrian sedimentary dykes in the Paleoproterozoic granites from the Vastervik area (SE Sweden): evidence from macro and microfabrics . (288 a 291)

L. GAGALA: Performance maps . a tool for examination of reliability of procedures for automatic separation of heterogeneous fault/slip and calcite twin data . (292 a 296)

V. H. GARCÍA and E. O. CRISTALLINI: Numerical modeling of interplay between growth folds and fluvial-alluvial erosion-sedimentation processes . (297 a 302)

J. GÓMEZ-BARREIRO, J. R. MARTÍNEZ-CATALÁN, D. PRIOR, H. R. WENK, I. LONARDELLI, S. VOGEL, F. DÍAZ-GARCÍA, R. ARENAS and S. SÁNCHEZ-MARTÍNEZ: Textural record of an intra-oceanic subduction: the Careon ophiolite (NW Spain) . (303 a 304)

E. GÓMEZ-RIVAS and A. GRIERA: Influence of mechanical anisotropy on shear fracture development . (305 a 311)

R. GORDON: Komatiitic nickel troughs: inverted rift systems . (312 a 314)

J. GRABOWSKI, O. BABEK, J. HLADIL, P. PRUNER, P. SCHNABL, T. WERNER, M. GERSL and J. OTAVA: Late Variscan remagnetization of Devonian carbonates in the Moravo-Silesian zone (Czech Republic): implications for dating tectonic deformation . (315 a 320)

P. GRANADO, J. DE VERA and K. R. MCCLAY: Tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Orange Basin, SW Africa . (321 a 328)

B. GRASEMANN, D. A. SCHNEIDER , C. IGLSEDER and C. TSCHEGG: Characteristics of low-angle normal faulting in Serifos (Western Cyclades, Greece) . (329 a 331)

J. C. GRIMMER, X. QI and Z. XU: Magnetofabrics of eclogites and ultramafic rocks from the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling (CCSD) project: evidence for ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) texture inheritance throughout retrogression . (332 a 335)

P. P. HERNAIZ-HUERTA, J. A DÍAZ DE NEIRA, J. GARCÍA-SENZ, E. LOPERA, J. ESCUDER-VIRUETE and A. PÉREZ-ESTAÚN: Contrasting structural styles in SW Dominican Republic as an evidence of strain partitioning in an island arc (Hispaniola)-continent (North America) oblique collisional setting . (336 a 341)

R. S. HUISMANS and C. BEAUMONT: Structural style of formation of passive margins, insights from dynamical modelling . (342 a 348)

R. S. HUISMANS and C. BEAUMONT: Structural style of inversion of rifts and passive margins: feedback between mountain building and surface processes . (349 a 354)

D. IACOPINI and R. CAROSI: Lyapunov method: a tool to describe fabric attractor in non-linear and heterogeneous flows with application to shear zones . (355 a 360)

D. IACOPINI and R. CAROSI: Some kinematic properties of complex eigenvalues in 3D homogeneous flows . (361 a 367)

D. IACOPINI, C. FRASSI, R. CAROSI and C. MONTOMOLI: Limits and biases on the three-dimensional vorticity analysis using porphyroblast system: a discussion and application to natural example . (368 a 371)

C. IGLSEDER, B. GRASEMANN, D. A. SCHNEIDER, I. LENAUER, A. H. N. RICE, K. G. NIKOLAKOPOULOS, P. I. TSOMBOS, M. MULLER and K. VOIT: Characteristics of low-angle normal fault formation on Kea (Western Cyclades, Greece) . (372 a 374)

P. JARA, R. CHARRIER, M. FARÍAS and C. ARRIAGADA: Geometric reconstruction and trishear model of folding: a case study in the western Principal Cordillera, Central Chile . (375 a 380)

L. A. JENSEN, H. LEBIT, S. PATERSON, R. MILLER and R. VERNON: Co-axial refolding and inverted regional metamorphism in the Tonga Formation: Cretaceous accretionary thrust tectonics in the Cascades crystalline core . (381 a 387)

S. T. JOHNSTON, A. M. MONAHAN, G. GUTIÉRREZ-ALONSO and A. B. WEIL: The significance of bent mountain belts . (388 a 392)

P. KANJANAPAYONT, M. A. EDWARDS and B. GRASEMANN: The dextral strike-slip Khlong Marui Fault, southern Thailand . (393 a 398)

M. KERNSTOCKOVA and R. MELICHAR: Numerical paleostress analysis . the limits of automation . (399 a 403)

M. KNIZEK, R. MELICHAR and J. JANECKA: The stratigraphy separation diagram . an amazing tool for fault analysis . (404 a 408)

S. KOVER, L. FODOR, K. JUDIK, T. NEMETH, P. ARKAI, K. BALOGH and S. KOVACS: Temperature, pressure and age constraints on the very low-grade metamorphism of the Jurassic Telekesoldal Nappe (Inner Western Carpahians) in NE Hungary . a summary . (409 a 413)

M. KRUMBHOLZ, A. VOLLBRECHT and H. OBERMEYER: Determination of recent stress directions and faults in the Leinetal-Graben; Germany . first experiences with the new NEMR-method . (414 a 416)

P. LAFUENTE and L. ARLEGUI: Where faults meet: palaeostress analysis at the juncture of the Concud and Teruel faults . (417 a 423)

X. LEGRAND: Salt-driven, thin-skinned tectonics and inherited deep seated fault-driven thick tectonics in the Dezful Embayment (Zagros, Iran), illustrated by regional 2D geomechanical restoration . (424 a 428)

I. LENAUER, G. MORTL, B. GRASEMANN and C. IGLSEDER: Structural investigations along a low-angle normal fault zone (Kythnos, Greece) . (429 a 431)

S. LLANA-FÚNEZ, D. BROWN, R. CARBONELL, J. ÁLVAREZ-MARRÓN and M. SALISBURY: Seismic anisotropy of upper mantle-lower continental crust rocks in Cabo Ortegal (NW Spain) from crystallographic preferred orientation (CPO) patterns . (432 a 436)

S. LLANA-FÚNEZ and E. H. RUTTER: Direct shear experiments on Solnhofen limestone at high temperature . an experimental analogue of transpression . (i437 a 439)

L. LONGRIDGE, R. L. GIBSON and J. A. KINNAIRD: Dome formation mechanisms in the southwestern Central Zone of the Damara Orogen, Namibia . (440 a 444)


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