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Trabajos de Geología Nº 30

Nombre de la Revista: Trabajos de Geología
Número de Sumario: 30
Fecha de Publicación: 2010
Páginas: 464

Trabajos de Geología                              ISSN: 0474-9588

Ediuno (Ediciones de la Universidad de Oviedo)

Nº 30 - 2010                                                     PAGINA EN CONSTRUCCION

Más información y texto completo en   www.geol.uniovi.es/TDG/.....



International Meeting of Young Researchers in Structural Geology and Tectonics (2 de 2)


Nota de los editores. (11)

C. LÓPEZ-FERNÁNDEZ, L. PANDO, M. GUTIÉRREZ-CLAVEROL and M. TORRES: Geotechnical characterization of residual clays in urban subsoil: Gijon city case study (NW Spain) . (12 a 17)

A. MACHADINHO, L. GAMA PEREIRA and F. FIGUEIREDO: Structural analysis of the Serra da Boa Viagem stratigraphic series (Central Portugal): preliminary study . (18 a 22)

G. MACHADO, M. VAVRDOVA, P. E. FONSECA, H. I. CHAMINE and F. T. ROCHA: Dating and differentiation of geological units in highly deformed and metamorphosed rocks . Can palynology help? Examples from the Ossa-Morena Zone (W Portugal) . (23 a 27)

M. MAFFIONE, F. SPERANZA, C. FACCENA, A. CASCELLA, G. VIGNAROLI and L. SAGNOTTI: A synchronous Alpine and Corsica-Sardinia rotation: new paleomagnetic evidences from the Tertiary Piedmont Basin (NW Italy) . (28 a 36)

P. MARQUES-FIGUEIREDO, J. CABRAL, T. ROCKWELL and R. DIAS: Late Pliocene to Pleistocene tectonic activity in SW Portugal: the S. Teotonio-Aljezur-Sinceira fault system . a review . (37 a 43)

P. MARTÍNEZ-GARCÍA, J. I. SOTO and M. COMAS: Structural analysis and recent tectonics in the central Alboran Sea . (44 a 48)

S. MARTÍNEZ-LORIENTE, E. GRACIA, R. BARTOLOMÉ, D. KLAESCHEN, A. VIZCAINO, V. SALLARES, J. DAÑOBEITIA and N. ZITELLINI: Pre-stack depth migration seismic imaging of the Coral Patch Ridge and adjacent Horseshoe and Seine Abyssal Plains (Gulf of Cadiz): tectonic implications . (49 a 54)

M. MASINI, M. BULNES and J. POBLET: Structural analysis and deformation architecture of a fault-propagation fold in the southern Cantabrian Mountains, NW Iberian Peninsula . (55 a 62)

A. L. MCCOLLOCH, M. P. BRAUNSCHEIDEL, C. D. CONNORS and S. D. LEVY: Automation of cross section construction and forward modelling of fault-bend folds from integrated map data . (63 a 68)

R. MELICHAR and M. KERNSTOCKOVA: 9D space . the best way to understand paleostress analysis . (69 a 74)

J. MENCOS, J. A. MUÑOZ and S. HARDY: 3D kinematics of the Sant Corneli anticline: insights from structural reconstruction and forward modelling . (75 a 80)

J. F. MESCUA, L. GIAMBIAGI and V. A. RAMOS: Inherited controls in Andean structure in a sector of the Malargue fold-and-thrust belt, Mendoza province, Argentina . (81 a 86)

T. MOCHALES, E. L. PUEYO, A. M. CASAS and A. BARNOLAS: Kinematic approach by means of AMS study in the Boltana anticline (southern Pyrenees) . (87 a 95)

M. MULLER, B. GRASEMANN, C. IGLSEDER and TEAM ACCEL: Quantitative kinematics of a frictional viscous low-angle normal fault on Kea (Western Cyclades, Greece) . (96 a 100)

L. NOSIKE, C. WIBBERLEY, C. JARDINE and Y. PACALIN: The role of tectonics in geopressure compartmentalisation and hydrocarbon leakage in the deep offshore Niger Delta . (101 a 106)

B. OLIVA-URCIA, E. L. PUEYO, J. C. LARRASOAÑA, A. GIL, P. MATA, J. M. PARÉS and A. M. SCHLEICHER: Magnetic fabrics in cleaved marls and their link to deformation processes (Southern Pyrenees, Spain) . (107 a 113)

D. PASTOR-GALÁN, G. GUTIÉRREZ-ALONSO, K. F. MULCHRONE and P. A. MEERE: Strain variations in thrust belts. Insights from Talas Ala Tau (Kyrgyz Republic) . (114 a 120)

D. PEDREIRA, J. EBBING and J. A. PULGAR: Lithospheric structure of the Western Pyrenees-Cantabrian Mountainsm based on 3D modelling of gravity anomalies and geoid undulations: preliminary results . (121 a 127)

A. PEDRERA, J. GALINDO-ZALDÍVAR and A. GUERRA-MERCHÁN: The Santopetar flat-ramp-flat normal fault (Huercal-Overa Basin, SE Betic Cordillera) . (128 a 133)

L. PITTARELLO, G. PENNACCHIONI and G. DI TORO: Deep-seated pseudotachylytes from the Ivrea Zone metagabbros (Southern Alps, Italy) . (134 a 139)

I. POUL and R. MELICHAR: Rock mechanics as a significant supplement for cross-section balancing (an example from the Pavlov Hills, Outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic) . (140 a 144)

E. L. PUEYO: Evaluating the paleomagnetic reliability in fold and thrust belt studies . (145 a 154)

O. PUEYO-ANCHUELA, A. GIL-IMAZ and A. POCOVÍ-JUAN: What does AMS mean in multilayer systems? Regional and detailed study from the Southern Pyrenees (Aragon, Spain) . (155 a 162)

J. REZ and R. MELICHAR: Peek inside the black box of calcite twinning paleostress analysis . (163 a 168)

A. RODRÍGUEZ-PINTÓ, E. L. PUEYO, A. POCOVÍ and A. BARNOLAS: Paleomagnetic analysis from the Balzes anticline (Southern Pyrenees): vertical-axis rotations and kinematics implications . (169 a 175)

J. ROMAO, A. RIBEIRO, E. PEREIRA, P. FONSECA, J. RODRIGUES, A. MATEUS, F. NORONHA and R. DIAS: Interplate versus intraplate strike-slip deformed belts: examples from SW Iberia Variscides . (176 a 182)

M. RUBINAT and E. ROCA: Structure and kinematics of the reactivated Bicorb-Quesa diapir (Eastern Prebetics, Valencia) . (183 a 187)

A. RUIZ-CONSTÁN, J. GALINDO-ZALDÍVAR and C. SANZ DE GALDEANO: Neogene folds in Ronda Depression (Western Betic Cordillera) . (188 a 191)

L. SALLES, M. FORD and P. JOSEPH: 3D progressive evolution of a syncline depocentre from growth turbidite strata: the Annot syncline, SE France . (193 a 201)

E. SAURA, J. VERGÉS, D. BROWN, P. LUKITO, S. SORIANO, S. TORRESCUSA, R. GARCÍA, J. R. SANCHEZ, C. SOSA and R. TENREYRO: Structure and Cenozoic evolution of Western Cuba fold and thrust belt . (202 a 207)

M. SAYAB and D. AERDEN: Porphyroblast inclusion trails: a new reference frame for correlating orogenic terrains . (208 a 213)

R. E. SEGGIARO, M. BULNES, J. POBLET, N. G. AGUILERA, L. R. RODRÍGUEZ-FERNÁNDEZ, N. HEREDIA and J. L. ALONSO: Paleozoic to present-day kinematic evolution of the frontal part of the Andes between parallels 23o and 24o S (Jujuy province, Argentina) . (214 a 220)

M. SNIDERO, A. AMILIBIA, O. GRATACOS and J. A. MUÑOZ: 3D reconstruction of geological structures based on remote sensing data: example from Anaran anticline (Lurestan province, Zagros fold and thrust belt, Iran) . (221 a 227)

B. SOLEIMANY and F. SABAT: Fold trends and age of folding in NW Persian Gulf . (228 a 234)

R. SOTO, A. M. CASAS, J. J. VILLALAÍN, A. GIL-IMAZ, P. DEL RÍO and G. FERNÁNDEZ: Integration of surface and subsurface data, paleomagnetism and analogue modelling to reconstruct the extensional geometry of the Cameros basin (N Spain) . (235 a 240)

R. SOTO, J. C. LARRASOAÑA, L. E. ARLEGUI, E. BEAMUD, B. OLIVA and J. L. SIMON: Reliability of magnetic fabric as paleostress indicator: a case study in Miocene lacustrine sediments from the Ebro foreland basin, N Spain . (241 a 245)

P. SOULOUMIAC, A. MODARESSI-FARAHMAND-RAZAVI and Y. M. LEROY: Prediction of stress fields in accretionary wedges by optimization . (246 a 249)

D. SPAHIC, U. EXNER, M. BEHM, B. GRASEMANN and A. HARING: Structural 3D modelling using GPR in unconsolidated sediments (Vienna basin, Austria) . (250 a 252)

N. S. G. STANTON, R. S. SCHMITT, M. MAIA and A. GALDEANO: Mesozoic rifting structures between Campos and Santos basins, Cabo Frio, Brazil: magnetic and structural analysis . (253 a 260)

P. STRZERZYNSKI, A. DOMZIG, K. YELLES, A. CATTANEO, J. DEVERCHERE, N. BABONNEAU, B. MERCIER DE LEPINAY, A. CAPRON, A. BOUDIAF and R. BRACENE: Plio-Quaternary deformation pattern along the Algerian margin: insights from multibeam bathymetry and seismic reflection profiles (Maradja 1 and Samra cruises) . (261 a 265)

E. TESÓN, A. TEIXELL and M. L. ARBOLEYA: Intraplate tectonics: insights from mountain building in the Moroccan Atlas and related subsidence in the Ouarzazate foreland basin . (266 a 272)

P. J. TORRES CARBONELL, L. V. DIMIERI and E. B. OLIVERO: Thrust-fold belt kinematics and orogenic growth in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina: implications of backthrusting for critical Coulomb wedge development . (273 a 277)

T. TORVELA and C. EHLERS: From ductile to brittle deformation . the structural development and strain variations along a crustal-scale shear zone in SW Finland . (273 a 288)

J. M. TOYOS and L. GONZÁLEZ MENÉNDEZ: Tectono-magmatic processes in the internal zones of the Variscan Orogen: the Tomino area (NW Iberian Peninsula) . (284 a 288)

J. TRUBAC, J. ZAK and V. JANOUSEK: Magnetic fabric of the .i.any granite, Bohemian Massif . (289 a 295)

H. UZKEDA, J. POBLET and M. BULNES: A kinematic model for folds accommodating shortening in tips of reverse faults: an example from the southern Pyrenees (N Iberian Peninsula) . (296 a 302)

O. VIDAL-ROYO, S. HARDY and, J. A. MUÑOZ: Influence of multiple decollement stratigraphy and growth strata on a detachment fold development: insights from 2D Discrete-Element Modelling and application to Pico del Aguila anticline (External Sierras, Spanish Southern Pyrenees) . (303 a 308)

F. VISINI, B. PACE and P. BONCIO: Extensional rate budgeting: constraints from geological and seismological data in central Italy . (309 a 315)

L. VONDROVIC and K. VERNER: The record of structural evolution and U-Pb zircon dating of the tonalite intrusions (Poli.ka Crystalline Unit, Bohemian Massif ) . (316 a 321)

A. B. WEIL and A. YONKEE: The power of integration: combining paleomagnetic data with structural analysis to better understand the kinematics and mechanics of complex orogens . (322 a 330)

J. E. WU, K. R. MCCLAY, F. DESPINOIS, M. WOOLLARD, R. EVANS, L. ISA and S. JANAI: Analogue modelling of deepwater fold and thrust belts: dynamic interactions with syntectonic sedimentation . (331 a 336)


Artículos Ordinarios

F. J. ALONSO, M. FERNÁNDEZ-CRESPO y L. CARRIZO: Caracterizacion petrografica de morteros del conjunto historico de la ciudad de Oviedo . (337 a 349)

M. PRASAD KOIRALA y D. HAYASHI: Numerical Simulation of the stress field in California, Implication for the stress perturbation by big bend and Garlock Fault . (350 a 360)

C. LUQUE CABAL, M. GUTIÉRREZ CLAVEROL y L. PANDO: Contribucion de la geologia minera al conocimiento de la cuenca permotriasica asturiana . (361 a 385)

J. L. GARCÍA-ALCALDE: Braquiopodos Devonicos de la Cordillera Cantabrica (N de Espana). 8) Maisotia n. gen. (Terebratulido) del Emsiense terminal (Devonico Inferior) . (386 a 394)

M. GUTIÉRREZ CLAVEROL y J. ORDAZ GARGALLO: Anotaciones geologicas de Joseph Townsed en su viaje por Asturias de 1786 . (395 a 411)

V. CÁRDENES, A. RUBIO ORDÓÑEZ, A. LÓPEZ MUNGUIRA y C. MONTERROSO: Petrografia y mineralogia de las pizarras para cubiertas de la Peninsula Iberica en relacion con su calidad . (412 a 420)

J. L. GARCÍA-ALCALDE: Braquiopodos Devonicos de la Cordillera Cantabrica (N de Espana). 9) Pentamerelloides n. gen. (Pentameridina Clorindoidea) del Givetiense medio . (421 a 431)

A. MARTÍNEZ y L. GIAMBIAGI: Evolucion petrologica y geoquimica del magmatismo bimodal Permo-Triasico del Grupo Choiyoi en el cordon del Portillo, Mendoza, Argentina . (432 a 451)

J. L. GARCÍA-ALCALDE: Braquiopodos Devonicos de la Cordillera Cantabrica (N de Espana). 10) Argovejia n. gen. (Retzoidea) del Emsiense superior (Devonico inferior) . (452 a 459)


Erratum . (460)


In Memoriam: Florentino Diaz Garcia (1958-2009) . (461 a 464)


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